Space Heroes 5

2012-07-31 20:27:30 by SunriseKingdom

In the year 20xx the earth is under the brink of total annihilation at the hands of a group of aliens! They had been attacking earth now for a few years and at first the people of earth were able to hold them back. But at last the space invaders broke through earth's defense and sent down a giant drill to destroy the earth's core. During this whole time, the nations of earth knew they would have to work together if they wanted to save the planet from being destroyed so they formed the Earth Alliance. They brought hundreds of the world's greatest minds together to build a mechanical machine that could stop the aliens. At last it was built and not a moment to soon. But as they turned the machine on it went crazy. It blew up destroying the building but the core was made out of the alien technology. After the energy blew everywhere it went into five people giving them unseen power and so the Earth Alliance recruited them and called them Space Heroes 5! They are the only ones who can fight to save the planet now!

WASD = Moves
Z = Shoot
Spacebar = S5

To use your S5 attacks you will need to take the alien energy by destroying them. After you get some your bar will fill up and you can unleash your ultimate attack!

Some useful info space heroes
All characters can beat the game without any of the upgrades

One of the boss fights you will need to go around if you hope to win.

The New Tools Upgrade allows you to get an extra upgrade point for the next level this can be a useful move if you want to gain two skills from that upgrade list but remember you can only use that extra point after you win the next level.


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